This edition of Extended Cinematics Workshops – XC|Dawawine – will be held at Dawawine from November 21 to November 23, 2014.



Extended Cinematics had so far exclusively opted for a “film to architecture” approach; however at the Dawawine edition, the opposite “architecture to film” approach will be adopted.

Whereas the former approach was aimed at and conducted with architectural designers, the latter will be primarily aimed at filmmakers, video artists and screenwriters.

As participants in this unique XC|Dawawine workshop, you will have the chance to reinterpret your favourite real-life architecture — wether a building, house, apartment, etc. — with all its distinctive properties into a film.

During the workshop you will be analysing your architecture of choice in teams of 2 or 3 based on the film-architecture analogy diagram of Extended Cinematics. By extracting your building’s specific architectural properties such as spatial experiences, programatic organisation, architectonic elements, etc. you will produce a film with properties that are similar to the architectural ones extracted above.

The analogy diagram of Extended Cinematics will provide you with a clear step-by-step roadmap for all the different phases of your film’s conception: from reading your selected building and grasping its distinctiveness, to apprehending its different analogies with film in general, and finally visualising and combining them into a single coherent filmic work of art.

As time is limited in this edition, instead of producing a film from scratch, you will work on transforming, remixing and restructuring an already existing “classic” movie into a brand new one that is based on your architecture of choice. You are surely encouraged to shoot your own material in case you need to add certain qualities or elements (spatial or other) to your film that the remixed movie cannot provide you with.


XC|Dawawine is open to all filmmakers and final-year film students who are interested in architecture and narrative structures, but more importantly, concerned with expanding their scope of creative processes with emphasis on cross-disciplinary thinking and new perspectives towards the built environment.

All Works will be Presented to the Public on 06 Dec. at Dawawine Starting 5pm.

Important Note

This edition is not a technical film production workshop as we do not teach how to technically produce a film (camera use, editing tools, lighting, etc.). The workshop is more about exploring new ways of conceiving a film/script all the while learning more about architecture and the human built environment, and use it as inspirational source of film creation.

All participants are considered to have a sufficient technical background to produce and/or edit films.

Participation Fees

Students: 200$

Regular: 250$

Fees include daily snacks & drinks, and an attestation of participation.


XC|Dawawine is organized in collaboration with Dawawine and The Arab Center for Architecture (ACA).

Where Film becomes Architecture