The latest editions of Extended Cinematics Workshops are:

1. XC|ACA to be held at The Arab Centre for Architecture (ACA) from October 30 to November 03, 2014 (full schedule & program)


2. XC|Dawawine to be held at Dawawine from November 19 to November 23, 2014  (full schedule & program)


Before the launch of these two workshops, Richard Douzjian will give an open-public talk on Extended Cinematics at Dawawine on Thursday, October 16, 2014, at 18:00.

XC|ACA & XC|Dawawine are organized in collaboration with ACA and Dawawine.


XC|DIA – May 2014

Prior to the above 2 editions, there have been 4 workshops in total, XC|DIA (May 2014) & XC|USEK (March & December 2011 and March 2012).

The advantage of an intensive workshop is that it offers participants maximum exposure to Extended Cinematics in a minimal  timeframe. The workshops are also held in relatively controlled environments, favouring the participants’ assimilation of new and complex concepts in a more consistent manner.

All workshops have roughly the same structure of 3 phases:

Theoretical Background:

Concise and condensed lectures introduce the participants to Semio-Linguistics, Film Semiotics, Architecture Semiotics, Narrative Structures in Film, and Extended Cinematics.

Film Analysis:

In teams of 2 or 3, participants analyse a film of their choice using Extended Cinematics’ Film-Architecture Analogy Derivation Diagram (FAADD) and extract Film Specific Properties (FSP).

Example of segmental analysis of the film Adaptation (2002) - XC|DIA
Example of segmental analysis of the film Adaptation (2002) – XC|DIA (May 2014)

Architectural Design:

Participants insert the extracted FSP into the FAADD and start transforming them one by one through analogical reasoning into their selected design topic’s Topic Specific architectonic Properties (TSP). Participants then synthesise the TSP and materialise them into their final architectural object. Thus finalising the transformation of their selected film into an architecture.

Participant’s sketch of a shopping mall based on the film Russian Ark (2002) – XC|USEK (March 2011)

Open public presentations and exhibitions of the workshops’ results are always held at the end of each edition.

Where Film becomes Architecture