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This first EXTENDED CINEMATICS workshop in DIA – was held from May 09 till May 14, 2014.

21 M.Arch. students from 14 different nationalities worked in 5 teams to analyse 3 films and transform them into either a house, a kindergarten or a community center.
The selected films were:
– Adaptation (2002)
– Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
– Lost Highway (1997)

This section presents a small selection of works conducted on Lost Highway and Adaptation.


ANALYSIS TEAM: Letizia Coppo, James Artelle Chenault IV, Milos Doncic, Charlie Howard, Anastasia Protic

DESIGN TEAM 1 – KINDERGARTEN: Letizia Coppo, James Artelle Chenault IV, Charlie Howard

DESIGN TEAM 2 – HOUSE: Milos Doncic, Jose Peredes


ANALYSIS TEAM: Bilyana Asenova, Saba Talebi Ghahfarokhi, Dhannya Elizabeth Jacob, Mariia Tumanovska

DESIGN TEAM 1 – COMMUNITY CENTER:  Saba Talebi Ghahfarokhi, Dhannya Elizabeth Jacob

DESIGN TEAM 2 – KINDERGARTEN: Bilyana Asenova, Gregory Powell

To view the complete results of the workshop composed of 5 analytical works of 3 films that generated 11 different architectural designs, click HERE.